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We live for capturing the amazing, joyful and unexpected fleeting moments of a wedding day. The moments of laughter or the ones that make you smile, and even the ones that will make your eyes well up with tears. Those are the moments that really matter and that you will treasure forever.

We love people who know who they are, what they love, and where they’re most exhilarated. Our couples are madly in love, impeccably stylish, and have an appreciation for excellence and ingenuity. It’s your personality, character, and relationship that bring to life the story we tell through our images.

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Top Wedding PhotographerNAMED AS ABy Washingtonian Magazine since 2011

Hi, I’m Kurstin

I am a people person, through and through. Anyone who has met me will tell you that. Those who know me well will tell you that above all else, family means the world to me. And if you ask my wife about me, she will tell you that I hug and love as hard as I laugh and that I value all the little details in life. She will also tell that if she'd let me, I'd invite the whole neighborhood over for dinner, every night. I am a connoisseur of cuisine, art and culture. I’ve never been one to follow trends, but instead my journey is shaped by my experiences and constant, insatiable curiosity.


For me, photography has always been about the relationship I have with my clients, that gorgeous light at sunset, and capturing the moments that define people and places.

I leverage my formal photographic education and experience photographing world leaders and politicians, yet I let loose and allow my artistic inspiration and intuition to direct the story that I document for you. I'd love to experience your chemistry firsthand and capturing it for everyone else to see, too.



Things I Love

FamilyBecause it's everything to me, to her, and one day, to him. It all started over a lip stick.
Colorful LightI love exploring the beauty of light, one frame at a time.
ItalyWhat's not to love about a culture that has generational recipes, 3-hour lunches and endless wine?
CookingIf I wasn't a photographer I'd be a chef. I love exploring different cuisines and I've been known to procure the "weird" stuff.
CyclingMy favorite days are with the wind at my back, all day long.
7th Hole at
Pebble Beach
It's iconic, picturesque, challenging and memorable. I only lost 1 ball.
with Friends
You can never get enough time with great company and old friends. After all, that's how all the legends begin.
Napa Valley
The perfect companion for conversation, celebration, date night or movie time.
& White
It's enduring, timeless, classic and never goes out of style.
CoffeeFresh ground, pour-over, cold brewed, french pressed, with cream, without, espresso, latte, etc..... I love it all.

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