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About You

Molly Mencarini and Will Peng

Our ideal clients want their wedding to reflect their personalities and style and aren’t afraid to do something different.  Your friends would say that you’re authentic and have a heart of gold.  You write your own vows.  You love an unplanned date night.  Lazy Sundays are the best days.  You appreciate unique creativity and composition, everywhere.  Your wedding priority is to celebrate with friends and family and make sure they have a great time.  You are passionate about life’s journey but wouldn’t say you’re too serious of a person.  Home is where your heart is.  As a bride you’re effortlessly classic.  As a groom you appreciate a good single malt with your best buds.  You want images that are as iconic today as they are for generations to come.  As a couple you value finding the right photographer and are willing to be adventurous for the “wow” shot.